Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game

Wooden Montessori Multiplication Board Game

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  • It makes it feasible for children to learn multiplication.
  • Fun and engaging
  • Two methods to play each game
  • Durable and eye-catching board.
  • Multiplication cards are included to make it more fun.
  • It enhances the concept of numbers.
  • Promotes brain development

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Making your toddler learn multiplication tables logically is difficult for every parent. Even KG teachers struggle to make the child interested in the learning stuff, especially multiplication. Experts recommend that children can learn easily if the activities are engaging. Therefore, a wooden Montessori multiplication board game will be your ideal option.

It is a super enjoyable and engaging way to make the child learn multiplication. There are two ways to play this game. Plus, the unique way to roll the dice makes it competitive and an excellent learning environment.

Benefits of Wooden Montessori multiplication board game

  • Spatial imagination enhancer: This wooden Montessori multiplication board game can enhance your child’s spatial imagination. Plus, they’ll be able to link physical objects with concepts easily.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination: By playing this, the hand-eye coordination of children will improve. Also, they’ll be able to analyze things better.
  • It is good for learning: It is super fun, and you don’t have to force your child to learn maths. Instead, the color environment will make it more fun for them to learn it.


  • Material wood and cardboard
  • It includes two dice pieces.
  • Multiplication cards (100)
  • Pieces x 4
  • 225 x 225mm size
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