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Wooden Door Stop Wedge | Wood Wedge Door Stopper

This Wooden Door Stop Wedge is made of wood and has an inclined shape that suits any door type. It effectively stops your door with little to no sound, and is shockproof.

You can use its leather loop to hang it on a nail or organizer when not in use. Plus, its smooth surface won’t hurt your floor. It also has an anti-slip mat at the bottom to prevent it from sliding on your floor.

Benefits of wooden door stop wedge :

  • Shockproof: prevents door from slamming shut, protecting your family from accidents
  • Inclined shape: fits any door type
  • Leather loop: allows you to hang the wedge on a nail or organizer when not in use
  • Smooth surface: The Wood Wedge Door Stopper won’t damage your floor
  • Anti-slip mat: prevents the wedge from sliding on your floor

Specifications :

  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 4.3×1.4 inches (11×3.5 cm) Approx.

How it works :

To use, simply place the wedge under the door. The inclined shape will hold the door open, and the shockproof design will prevent the door from slamming shut.


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