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Weeding Disc

Are you tired of spending hours mowing, trimming, and weeding your lawn and garden?

Introducing the Weeding Disc – the ultimate tool for all your lawn and field care needs! Say goodbye to unwanted weeds and hello to a beautiful, healthy landscape with this versatile and efficient disc.

Benefits of the Weeding Disc:

  • Excellent Quality: Made of high-quality manganese steel, ensuring durability and even cutting for thorough weed removal.
  • Efficient Star Blade: Unlike ordinary trimmer heads, our disc has a unique star-shaped blade that effectively removes weeds, making it the perfect tool for trimming dense grass, tall grass, nettles, thorns, shrubs, and more.
  • Versatile and Effective: It is not only great for dry soil, but also works well in paddy fields, providing smooth performance and flexibility for deep-growing weeds.
  • Wide Range of Uses: This essential tool is suitable for various situations such as gardens, lawns, farm fields, and more. It can even remove moss and rust, making it a versatile addition to your gardening tools.


  • Made of high-quality manganese steel.
  • Unique star-shaped blade.
  • Suitable for various situations.
  • Outer diameter: 6 inches (15 cm) approx.
  • Inner diameter: 1 inches ( 2.54 cm ) approx.
  • Package includes:
    Set 1: 5 teeth blade + 2 teeth blade + Protective cover
    Set 2: 5 teeth blade + 2 teeth blade + Protective cover + 4 Pcs assembling set

How it works:

1. Attach the protective cover to the weeding disc.
2. Choose between the 5-tooth or 2-tooth blade depending on your needs.
3. Simply replace your ordinary trimmer head with our weeding disc.
4. Watch as it effortlessly removes weeds, moss, and rust from your lawn and garden.


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