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Watermelon Fork

Do you hate the dripping watermelon juice everywhere on your shelf while cutting it? Don’t worry because we bring you this fantastic watermelon fork slicer that provides mess-free cutting. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of finding a fork to eat those yummy and juicy cubes while you are outside.

Also, it does an effortless cutting of watermelon within no time; hold it with its easy grip and slide it onto the watermelon to have beautifully symmetrical cubes. Hence, it is a long-lasting and reliable purchase for your kitchen.

Benefits of Watermelon Fork Slicer 

  • Unique design and high-quality 2-in-1 watermelon fork slicer.
  • It saves you from all the mess created by cutting a watermelon with a knife.
  • Very handy, can be carried everywhere.
  • It makes perfect and smooth, symmetrical watermelon cubes.
  • No hassle of having a knife and fork. Instantly cut a watermelon and flip it to the fork side to eat it right away.

Key Features 

  • Made up of pure stainless steel.
  • Size: 8.26 inches / 21cm (approx.)
  • Very easy to use and wash anywhere and at any time.
  • Rust-free and corrosion-free body.
  • It provides safe and quick watermelon cutting.


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