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Upgraded Bubble Machine

Blowing bubbles is a timeless activity that boosts you with joy and happiness. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you’ll still be delighted with the sight of bubbles. Therefore, this upgraded bubble machine is what you need to get a trip back to your childhood.

It is super refreshing and fills you with immense joy. It comes with an upgraded and enhanced 32-holes design that easily blows up to 2000 bubbles in just a minute. Whether day or night, you’ll still get enchanted by the look of the bubbles.

This upgraded bubble machine is way more efficient and promising than a regular bubble gun. You can use it at festivals, parties, or even home to have an ideal celebration.

Benefits of Upgraded Bubble Machine

  • Multi-colored bubbles look super refreshing and fun.
  • The upgraded bubble machine produces up to 2000 colorful bubbles that can fill up an entire place within a minute.
  • The package includes a bubble machine, a dish, and a bottle of soap water to kick start your bubbly journey.
  • You can use this upgraded bubble machine as an instant décor. You’ll need hardly 2 minutes to make a whole place filled with colorful bubbles.


  • Available in three adorable colors (Pink, Blue, and Purple).
  • Weight: 300g
  • Holes: 69
  • Power : Rechargeable Battery
  • Charge Time: 60 minutes


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