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Upgraded 3 in 1 car window breaker

These days, car accidents are widespread. You cannot stop them unless you take safety measures yourself. Getting trapped in a car is terrible and may cost you your life. That’s why you need an upgraded 3 in 1 car window breaker.

This is compact and portable. You can use it to break the car’s window if trapped inside it. The car window breaker has 3 in 1 functionality, making it your ultimate rescue equipment.

Benefits Of ou car window breaker :

  • It utilizes a long wheel-based precision stroke that can apply forces up to 78N with a slight touch.
  • It only requires a trigger to activate the hammer.
  • You can effortlessly free yourself from your seat belt with a slight blade slash.
  • The third feature of this upgraded 3 in 1 car window breaker is that you can use the popping whistle to call out for help.
  • It is reliable to use and won’t fail you in an emergency.
  • The trigger is easy to pull and won’t require any effort.

Specifications :

  • Tungsten material hammer.
  • A 3.3’’x1.4’’ body.
  • Usability up to 10,000 times.
  • Flat frame technology
  • T2 firing pin system.



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