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Upgrade Magnetic Window Cleaner

Are you looking for a way to clean your windows quickly and safely? Look no further than the Upgrade Magnetic Window Cleaner!
Furthermore, this powerful double-sided magnetic window cleaner is designed to securely lock onto your window, allowing you to clean both sides of the window at the same time. We have designed this cleaner to be perfect for cleaning high-rise windows, as well as double-glazed windows that are 0.6-0.9 inches (15-24mm) thick.
Our cleaner is crafted from high-quality ABS material and natural latex. It features a built-in water storage sponge also replaceable, durable cleaning cotton. Plus, it comes with a 40″ (2m long) anti-falling rope for added safety. Get the Upgrade Magnetic Window Cleaner also make window cleaning a breeze!

Benefits of the Upgrade Magnetic Window Cleaner:

  • Double Cleaning Power: Explore our magnetic window cleaner with dual-sided design. Triangular shape, internal magnets lock sides for thorough cleaning. Effortlessly glide one side, other follows. No more hassle reaching high windows!
  • High-Rise Convenience: Easy high-rise window cleaning. Additionally, we offer a magnetic glass wiper designed for 0.6-0.9 inches (15-24mm) double glazed windows. Tailored for most homes. Different glass thicknesses need specific wipers for optimal safety and performance.
  • Quality Assured: Premium ABS, latex, powerful magnets. Experience strong magnetic force for efficient cleaning. Water storage sponge enhances cleaning. Durable magnets, replaceable cotton for lasting use.
  • Safety Priority: Boost cleaning confidence with 40″ (2m) anti-fall rope. Anchors for stability, security. Furthermore, clean worry-free with a magnetic glass cleaner. As a result, experience no more slips or falls!


  • Material:  ABS + Rubber.
  • Size : 6.1*4.7in (15.5*12cm) Approx.


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