Best Woodworking Edge Ruler Ultra Precision Marking Adjustable T Square Woodworkers...

Best Woodworking Edge Ruler Ultra Precision Marking Adjustable T Square Woodworkers...


  • 10in
  • 15in
  • 20in

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  • Woodworking edge ruler
  • Available in 10 inches, 15 inches or 20 inches measuring scale
  • Locked-In accuracy for angled projects
  • 0 to 70° freely adjustable ruler
  • Precise measurements
  • Draw straight lines of your chosen angle
  • Clear readings for minimum human error

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If you are ready to begin working on plywood projects, you should understand the significance of having dead-on angles while undertaking layout work.

By avoiding angle mistakes, this woodworking edge rule can guarantee that your panel projects turn out precisely.

With this rule, there is no guesswork; just select your angle, lock it in, and you are ready to draw a perfect line at the correct angle.

What you will receive:

  • Unrivaled precision: The woodworking edge rule ensures that your angular workings on panel layout works are as precise as possible. The scale’s head may be changed from 0 to 70°. It also has fixed locking stops every 5° plus +22-1 / 2 and 67-1 / 2, allowing for an exact reference angle and length perspective.
  • Simple to use: The ruler’s thin satin-finished stainless steel body is simple to see for the user and reduces any parallax or human mistake when measuring.
  • Convenient storage: This woodworking rule has a wall-mountable attachment for storing the ruler when not in use. It will offer your workshop a more orderly appearance.
  • Excellent present idea: Surprise your DIY project-loving pals with this woodworking rule and watch their cheeks light up. It is without a doubt the device they have been intending to add to their collection for quite some time.

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