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Ultra Knee – Long Compression Sleeve

Do you always stay frustrated due to knee pain? Get a hand on ultra knee – long compression sleeve. It is designed to target pressure points on the leg, such as the knee, hamstrings, calves, glutes, etc.

In the human body, the knee is the largest joint that holds the entire body weight, so they deserve full attention. This product is thoughtfully designed while considering not only the body but also the weather and different conditions. The breathable material will help you stay cool even in summer.

It is an effective means to relieve soreness with targeted compression. If you feel uncomfortable wearing it in public due to slipping and sliding. Don’t worry; our ultra knee – long compression sleeve know how to stay in place.

Benefits of Ultra Knee – Long Compression Sleeve

  • Breathable material: It is designed with all skin types and conditions in mind. Above all, this compression sleeve is made of spandex, nylon, and polyester to let the covered area dry from sweat and cool in the summer. It causes no skin irritation.
  • Improved recovery: It relieves soreness with specially targeted compression. The Ultra Knee-Long Compression Sleeve is valuable in aiding recovery from previous injuries and provides protection for future pain.
  • Thoughtfully designed: This sleeve knows how to stay in place. Wear it once and forget about frequent setting and pulling up. The anti-slip strap ensures no sliding, rolling, or brunching.
  • Premium-quality material: the top-notch quality material helps avoid wear and tear. Its material is waterproof and lightweight to give a comfortable feel, and it is durable, breathable, and high-grade fabric.
  • Different sizing: Ultra Knee – Long Compression Sleeve is available in three different sizes. It effectively works with larger legs as well as calves.


  • Color: Green, Black
  • Material: 25% Spandex, 33% Polyester, 42% Nylon


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