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Type M Nail Ring Pliers

Pilers can come in very handy; therefore, if you are looking for a good pair of pliers that work efficiently, then Type M Nail Ring Pliers are the perfect option. These are amazing pilers that work well to clamp poultry cages together. It will help you keep your animals safe and protected and prevent any injuries due to the end of the cage.

Therefore, if you are someone who works on a farm or has a lot of cages, then this is a must-have tool.

Benefits of Type M Nail Ring Pliers:

  • Easy Grip: Sometimes, the pliers can get very hard to use. The grp can be very slippery, making it hard to work on. However, the work will be smooth with these Type M Nail Ring Pliers. It is effortless to hold and comfortable to use.
  • Good Design: A lot of thought is given to making these Type M Nail Ring Pliers. These pliers have suitable jaws that are strong and can work perfectly to clamp things. The structure is also simple, which makes it easier to use.
  • Applicable for different things: You can use these pliers for multiple things. It is suitable for cage assembling, dead-angle bundles, and even joint welding. Therefore, this is a fantastic piece to have in the toolbox.


  • 65Mn steel is used for the body
  • A plastic handle is used
  • Size: 5.9 x 5 inches (15 x 13 cm) approx.
  • Clip head length: 7 inches (17.78 cm) approx.
  • Blue color is available


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