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The Sunset Lamp

Inspired by the magical blend of hues that wash over the sky during sunset, the Sunset Lamp brings home the mesmerizing beauty of the golden hour into your home. With over 16 colors to choose from and a convenient mobile app for effortless use, you’ll love to change the mood of your home with this gorgeous lamp. Just set it up and the lamp projects a magnificent sunset onto your walls.

● Sleek, Minimalistic, and Lightweight
● 180 Degrees Rotatable
● 16 Adjustable colors
● Mobile app for both IOS and Androind

Capture some unbelievably beautiful sunset selfies and pictures in the stunning glow of the lamp. The soft, warm light of this sunset lamp allows you to feel calm and refresh your mind—it feels like a relaxing vacation right when you need one.

You’ll find yourself transported to
magical destinations every day with
the 16 breathtaking colors filling up your home!

Bask Under The Glow Of A Magnificent Sunset Anytime You Want!

There’s just so much you can do with this versatile sunset projection lamp. Play around with different colors, adjust the angles, place it at different parts of the home to add an exquisitely aesthetic touch to your home. You can even use it to accent a wall or highlight a painting to give an artistic look to your decor.

● Produces a soothing, glare-free glow
● Crafted with a smooth, matte metal finish
● High quality LED lamp
● Energy-efficient lighting
● Dimmable and fully adjustable


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