The Pod Cleaner | AirPods Cleaner Kit

The Pod Cleaner | AirPods Cleaner Kit

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  • Easy to clean all versions of AirPods, Earbuds and Headphones
  • Pen design
  • A switch button to use each side of the pen
  • Lightweight and simple to handle
  • Very resourceful and intelligent design

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Airpods are the newest invention for audio devices. Just after the release of the AirPods, they became trendy. However, maintaining the AirPods is highly challenging. Introducing you to the pod cleaner. It is your perfect assistant kit for cleaning your AirPods.

The pod cleaner is a simple pen-like device that gives you two outputs. You can use the first one to scrap out the ear wax from the holes and cracks of the earbuds. It can maintain the earbuds’ hygiene and prevent you from getting attacked by bacteria.

However, the other end is a sponge brush that can efficiently clear out the dirt on the earbuds and the case. It is easy to use. Plus, it maintains the quality of the earbuds for a more extended period.

Benefits of The Pod Cleaner

  • It has a hidden dual-tool design that lets you pop out and shut it when you’re done.
  • The AirPods cleaner kit has a three-in-one functionality. You can use the sharp tip to get rid of the ear wax accumulated in the holes of the earbuds. Moreover, the micro brush at the same end can clean the acoustic dust formed on the surface of the earbuds.
  • Due to the small and compact design of the pod cleaner, you can carry it wherever you want. It slides into the pocket or in your purse, and you can use it when you wish for.
  • Each individual can use it as a personalized earbud cleaning assistant to maintain personal hygiene.
  • The AirPods cleaner kit is highly versatile and can easily clean earbuds and headphones, regardless of the brand you use.


  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • White and gray color

Material: ABS, stainless steel, and sponge replantation

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