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The PhoneFection Smartphone IR Remote Control

Are you tired of constantly searching for multiple remotes to control your household appliances? Say hello to the PhoneFection smart IR remote!

This compact and anti-lost device pairs seamlessly with your phone, making it the ultimate universal remote. With the “uniTV Remote” app, you can control a wide range of appliances including Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, and more. Simply plug and play for instant control, and enjoy the convenience of transforming your phone into a universal remote.

Benefits of the The PhoneFection :

  • Compact and anti-lost device
  • Compatible with a wide range of household appliances
  • Transform your phone into a universal remote
  • Plug and play for instant control


  • Applicable mobile interface: Type-C, Lightning, MicroUSB
  • Applicable product platform: IOS and Android
  • Applicable to: Remote control of infrared appliances, such as air conditioning, TV, set-top box camera etc..


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