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The KittyCordion

The #1 Cat Toy – Voted By Cat Lovers! ?

Why The KittyCordion?

Because every cat that has one, goes crazy over it!
  • Durable cardboard construction!
  • Jingling ball included!
  • Endless entertainment for your furry friend!
The KittyCordion is a scratchboard-like cat toy with a unique twist! It’s a flexible and fully extendable accordion-like structure with magnetic ends that connect together, to form a donut!
In its donut form, the KittyCordion can be stretched, inverted, flipped – the possibilities are endlessly fun!
You can make several fun structures out of the KittyCordion, such as a bed! It can give your cat endless hours of playtime, and when they are tired, turn it into a cozy bed so they can rest up for the next play session!
The KittyCordion is also a fantastic way to keep your furry friend from damaging your furniture. It is proven that if your cat has something to scratch that they feel is their own, they won’t feel the urge to scratch your furniture! Since cats can’t seem to resist the KittyCordion, it is a perfect solution to this furniture problem!

So How Do I Use It?

It’s simple!nConnect the two magnetic ends of your KittyCordion and insert the toy of your choice into its walls (jingling ball included).
Top Secret Tip: You can connect multiple KittyCordions to make one giant KittyCordion! We recommend combining 2 KittyCordions if you want your toy to be big enough for your cat to jump into.
That’s it! Enjoy some quality time with your furry friend!
  • Package includes:
    1 x Cat accordion scratching board
    1 x ball


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