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Tac Vision Night Vision Binocular, Records Video And Images

See in the pitch dark as if it was daylight at over 300 meters of range. Tac Vision is the most amazing breakthrough in Night Vision in over two decades.


  • Built In Camera
  • Built in high resolution camera captures crystal clear images of whatever you’re looking at!
  • Built In Video Capture
  • Make movies of your night excursions with the click of a button!
  • Waterproof
  • Whether it’s damp or rainy, Tac Vision has you covered and will keep on ticking.
  • Infrared Illumination
  • Built in IR Illumination means you can still see – even in pitch darkness, at over 300 meters.
  • 300 Meter Range
  • No other night vision binocular can see this far or this clearly!
  • SD Card Slot

Adjustable. Of course.

The key to crystal clear long range images is the ability to properly focus them, and most auto focus units fail miserably at night. That’s why we give you the ability to manually focus the remarkable Tac Vision

 Tac Vision shows you a crisp display, the binocular end contains the night vision camera and illuminator portion for maximum comfort.

Built in SD Card slots allow you to store videos and pictures on any SD cards. Easily download pics and videos through the USB slot – USB cable included!


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