Squid Game Mask

Squid Game Mask

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Be a Squid Game character by wearing this Squid Game Soldier Halloween Mask & be the highlight of the party. Gather your friends together & conquer the crowd with your scary vibes!

✔️Meticulously Designed
✔️Perfect Fit
✔️Hassle-Free Costume
✔️Easy to Pair With

Following the trend of the latest TV show, this mask is inspired by the series “Squid Game”. Halloween is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to plan your costume.

Check out this Squid Game Soldier Halloween Mask that you can pair with almost any colored jumpsuit you may have. You can stand out among the crowd and be in your best Squid Game soldier character.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Some costume accessories require a lot of separate bags just to carry it all. But this costume accessory is so light and not bulky. This Squid Game Soldier Mask is ideal for party guests who need to transfer from one party to another without dragging their costumes around.

  • UNIQUE YET TRENDY – Halloween party invites will be sent out soon and now is the time to plan what to wear. Drop the thoughts of going as a superhero, a witch, or as a vampire. Stand out among the crowd and impress the other guests by being the mysterious Squid Game soldier.
  • IDEAL FOR GROUPS – The fun thing about this costume is you can dress up as Squid Game soldiers with your friends. It does not matter if you are a group of 3 or 5, the more the merrier! Be mysterious and execute your best soldier act & be the highlight of the party.
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE – If you’re on a budget but you want to steal the show’s spotlight, this Squid Game Soldier Mask is ought to be considered. One of the best things about this costume is that you can use it for different occasions. You can use it for costume parties, cosplays, themed birthday parties, or just a quick prank on your friends. Totally reusable and worth it to buy.

  • IDEAL GIFT – Aside from wearing it yourself, you can purchase this mask to give as a gift for someone who loves the TV show Squid Game. Surprise them with this accurately designed mask and join them in playing the “Red Light, Green Light”, Squid Game version.


  • Material: Reusable Plastic
  • Size: 28 x 20cm
  • Weight: 260g


  • 1 x Squid Game Mask
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