Squeeze Silicone Broom Sweeping Water and Pet Hair

Squeeze Silicone Broom Sweeping Water and Pet Hair

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  • Magic wiper that can do it all
  • Never misses a Spot
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner
  • Up to an approximate 41-inch length
  • a handle for hanging things up with
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Carpet, floor and window treatments are all suitable for use with this product

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This incredible Squeeze Silicone Broom Sweeping Water and Pet Hair does cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing a breeze. Squeeze it to get your space squeaky clean quickly. You don’t have to spend all day cleaning and scrubbing your house with this miraculous Squeeze Silicone Broom; use this helpful tool to get rid of dirt, water, or hair.

Having pets is a fantastic thing to do, but if they lose too much hair, it may be exhausting for animal lovers. By this you can easily collect your pet’s hair and sweep and clean your house.

Benefits of Squeeze Silicone Broom Sweeping Water and Pet Hair

  • Remove stubborn stains: This excellent tool effortlessly cleans the inaccessible or difficult-to-clean spots.
  • Get rid of the hairs: This Squeeze Silicone Broom efficiently sweeps even the most knotted hair in the room or merely fine hairs in the room.
  • Keeping the floors clean with primitive cleaners is a challenging task. They are here to simplify the task of cleaning by making every surface pristine with a single sweep!
  • Extra-long grip enables you to attain higher frames without needing a step or stool effortlessly. Clean the dirt and grime from the glass or storage area with Squeeze Silicone Broom.


  • It can be adjusted from 20 to 40 inches.
  • PA and Stainless Steel
  • 220 grams in weight
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