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Speedy Clothing Fixer

Looking for a quick and easy solution to all your fashion mishaps?

Look no further than Speedy Clothing Fixer! This ultimate closet superhero is here to save the day and make your clothes fit like a dream. With its extra-fine needle that’s as gentle as a feather on delicate fabrics, Speedy Clothing Fixer is your very own at-home tailor.

Benefits of the Speedy Clothing Fixer:

  • Zap away fashion mishaps by making quick, temporary adjustments to your outfits.
  • Watch as Speedy Clothing Fixer heroically mends those pesky gaps in your beloved button-down shirts and dresses.
  • In the blink of an eye, Speedy Clothing Fixer can pin open the collar of your shirts, giving you all the more neckline to show off your favorite necklaces.
  • Seamlessly create temporary hems on all your outfits, ensuring they’re just the right length for any occasion.
  • Need to tighten up those wide cuffs? Speedy Clothing Fixer is the fashion vigilante you can count on for a quick and easy fix.


  • Quick and easy operation: Simply insert the fasteners, push the needle through the fabric, and press the trigger for a quick fix!
  • Gentle on fabrics: With the smallest needle on the market, Speedy Clothing Fixer causes no damage to your clothes. The stainless-steel needle is super gentle and will not leave any holes in recommended fabrics such as cotton, denim, linen, polyester, quilts, chiffon, crepe, and more.
  • Durable and invisible micro fasteners: Our 4.4mm stitch fasteners are so tiny and almost invisible on clothing.
  • The package includes: 1 x handy clothing fastener, 6 x needles, 500 x black plastic needles measuring 8mm each, 500 x white plastic needles also measuring 8mm each.

How it works:

1. Insert the fasteners into the fabric.
2. Push the needle through the fabric.
3. Press the trigger to secure the fasteners in place.
4. Enjoy a quick and easy fix for all your fashion mishaps!


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