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Space Projector Lamp | Light Projector for Room

With this AWESOME Space Projector Lamp, you can bring the rotating starry night sky right into your own home!

You and your children can enjoy lying under the realistic stars and watching the vividly colored celestial show as it twinkles and swirls around the room with this baby/child night light projector. You will want to reach out and touch them because they are so close!

There are so many color options! Depending on your mood, you can use color control to select one or multiple colors all at once! The stars, with a 360-degree rotation feature, are sure to captivate people of all ages. Place it in your living room for a movie night or in your bedroom as a night light lamp.

The space projector light has a removable white plastic cover that allows you to switch between a regular night light and the incredible star and moon projection light show. You can turn your ceilings into a starry sky whenever you want. Its magical aura will both impress and calm you.

It is available in three colors: blue, purple, and pink, and it makes an excellent gift for both girls and boys!

Power Source: 4 AAA Batteries (Not included)

Dimensions: 14.5x13x13cm / 5.71×5.12×5.12 inches


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