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Soldering Iron Kit

This Soldering Iron Kit is an automatic welding gun, the perfect solution for completing electrical applications, wires, circuit boards, metal and other tasks.

Made of the highest quality material, with a sufficient cable length, you can ensure that the torch will show the best performance even in the case of large-scale work.

It is designed for precision welding tasks, with a quality design and long service life, it’s easy to use and configure.

Benefits f the Soldering Iron Kit :

  • NEW DESIGN: The design of the side can always observe the internal operation, quick and easy to replace the heating core.
  • INTEGRATED POWER SWITCH: More energy-efficient and safe in operation and use, no need to unplug frequently each time.
  • SELF-RESETTING RATCHET TRIGGER BUCKLE: This trigger buckle has a self-resetting function and a good sense of ratchet progression.
  • SAFETY DESIGN: The use of anti-bending tail wire, to prevent the use the process of bending the wire, can effectively enhance the service life.


  • Color: Dark Green
  • Size: 20*27.5 cm/7.87*10.83 in
  • Power: 60w


1. Connect the Soldering Iron to an electrical outlet.
2. Turn the power switch to the “On” position.
3. Adjust the temperature on the control panel.
4. Place the Soldering Iron tip on the item you want to weld.
5. Apply the solder to the tip of the Soldering Iron.
6. When done, turn the power switch to the “Off” position.


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