Solar powered car fan | Window auto ventilation cooling exhaust

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Solar powered car fan | Window auto ventilation cooling exhaust


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Our solar powered car window fan keeps your vehicle fresh and cool. Eliminate unpleasant odors and toxic gases, lower your vehicle’s temperature, and blow more fresh air into your car.

This latest edition is the best solar powered car fan. It works effectively to reduce the strain on car batteries, keeping your car cool and clean for you and your family.

Solar powered car fan

Solar powered car fan features

There is no need for a power supply when using our solar powered fan for car windows. The Panel absorbes the sunlight , converts it into electricity, and powers the fan.

The solar powered car fan can also remove any strange odor. from new car’s leather cushions smell, sweat on the steering wheel and buttons, second-hand smoke odor, to toxic gases emitted by cars.

Features :

  • It can keep the air inside your car fresh, providing a pleasant and clean environment for you and your family.
  • 3,500 rpm high-efficiency three-turbine exhaust fan
  • Avoid leaving gaps in the window by hanging the exhaust fan vent on the auto door glass.
  • Works continuously on rainy days.
  • It does not require the car’s power supply, only solar power or batteries.

Installing the exhaust fan is simple :

  • Simply hang the fan vent on the auto glass door.
  • Place the strips on each side of the fan to secure it.
  • Turn on the fans, then you can use one to three fans at once.
  • Also close the window to avoid gaps.

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    by John (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely! 

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    by Zane (verified owner)

    as described it’s perfect for me

  3. 05

    by David (verified owner)

    Best service from US America we love it

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    by Aiden (verified owner)

    looks very good quality

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    by Julian (verified owner)

    Very cool quality. Take it, you will not regret