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Solar Powered Bird Fountain Kit

Have you ever wanted to attract birds to your garden or yard? Look no further than the Solar Powered Bird Fountain Kit!

This kit is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your outdoor space. With features like easy installation, a solar powered pump, and a beautiful bird-bath design, this kit is the perfect choice for any nature lover.

Benefits of the Solar Powered Bird Fountain Kit :

  • Solar Powered: The bird fountain kit is powered by a solar-powered pump, meaning you don’t have to worry about any extra energy costs.
  • Easy Installation: The kit is easy to install and requires no additional tools.
  • Attracts Birds: The bird-bath design of the fountain attracts birds to your garden or yard.
  • Long-lasting: The kit is designed to last for years, so you can enjoy the beauty of your fountain for a long time.

Specifications :

  • Material:  ABC .
  • Package includes: 1 * Solar Fountain +1 * Accessories Bag +1 * Instruction.
  • Size 1: 5.11inch (13cm)-1.2W,Water Height: 3.93-15.74inch (10-40cm).
  • Size 2: 6.29inch (16cm)-1.4W,Water Height: 11.81-27.55inch (30-70cm).


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