Solar Pineapple Lantern, Outdoor Lights

Solar Pineapple Lantern, Outdoor Lights

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With this lovely Solar Pineapple Lantern, you can now bring a bright and elegant touch of warmth to your living space without breaking the bank. If you hang it in your home or place it in your garden, this soft light will add a warm and inviting atmosphere to any space where it is placed.

Using a string of delicate solar lights, hang one or more of these bright, pineapple lanterns from your porch ceiling or along your garden footpath, making sure they are exposed to the sun, and watch as the lanterns’ soft glow brightens the night. Due to the fact that the solar panel is discretely nestled within the metal “leaves” at the top, make sure to hang it in an area where it will receive plenty of natural light throughout the day. The whimsical design flutters in the breeze, creating a look that is appropriate for any season.

Dimensions: 6.1” x 6.1” x 8.7”(including portable)
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