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Solar LED Lamp 6000K

We all know that the electricity demand is increasing daily, and with the increase in demand, electricity prices are also increasing. Therefore, we have a solution for you, the Solar LED Lamp 6000K. This solar system light produces a tremendously bright light for your home.

This Solar LED Lamp 6000K is made to be used for a wide variety of applications. It can be used for commercial and industrial purposes like parking lots, playground lights, farms, and indoor lighting. Hence, this fantastic solar panel will reduce your expenses and give you bright light for the house.

Benefits of Solar LED Lamp 6000K:

  • Innovative Design: This Solar LED Lamp 6000K is an innovative design and is not like chunky, solar panels. Instead, it is sleek and stylish and looks weird in a household or commercial setting.
  • Bright Light: This light stores enough sunlight in the morning so it can produce a good amount of brightness during the night. The light is perfect and can light up an entire garage and even space more significant than that.
  • Waterproof: This solar light is waterproof and perfect for areas with a lot of rain. It will even work in humid climates where the sunlight is meager. It adapts according to the weather and geographic areas and makes stores power accordingly.
  • Please make sure the solar light been installed within 3 meters height and make sure the solar panel can absorb sunlight. Before use please turn on the switch.


  • White Light
  • 6000k to 65000k
  • Motion Sensor
  • Long light life
  • Light color: Cold White
  • Battery : Built in rechargeable battery
  • Function: Three functions+remote control
  • Material:PC +ABS
  • Sensor :Human body sensor
  • Induction distance:3m
  • High light delay: 20-25s
  • Protecting grade: IP65
  • Size : 19.5 x 5.5 inches (50 x 13.5 cm)


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