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Smiley Poop Slingshot Toy

If there is one thing kids love, it’s the funniest ways to pull pranks on their friends or play the weirdest of games. So, if you are confused about what games to incorporate at your kid’s party or what activity to keep them indulged in this week, we got you covered. This smiley poop slingshot toy is just what you need.

With them perfecting their slingshots and making sure their poop sticker land in the correct place, there is no better activity than this toy for them.

Benefits of Smiley Poop Slingshot Toy

  • It has a fun and perfect design: If there is one thing that intrigues children more than anything, it’s the weirdest of designs. Well, what better option do you have than a poop slingshot, then?
  • It is sturdy and lightweight: The slingshot consists of high-quality PVC plastic. Hence, when putting your money out and buying something for the kids, this option is a durable one.
  • It would make an excellent gift for other kids: The smiley poop slingshot isn’t just a fantastic option for your kids but also an excellent gift for their friends.
  • It is safe to use: All parents are concerned about its safety when buying toys or any product for their kids. With a slingshot, this safety increases a bit more. To clarify, the smiley poop slingshot toy consists of a soft plastic material and is safe to use.


  • Color: slingshot (various colors), poop shooter (brown)
  • Size:

Slingshot: 6 x 8.7 cm (2*3.4 inch)

Poop Shooter: 2.5 x 6.5 cm ( 1* 3 inch)


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