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Smart Interactive Ball Toy For Cat

Are you tired of your cat getting bored and lazing around all day? Look no further! Our Smart Interactive Ball Toy for Cats is here to keep your furry friend entertained and active.

Features of the Smart Interactive Ball Toy For Cat:

  • Simulate Real Sounds: Our cat toy ball mimics the sounds of three different animals – frog, cricket, and bird – to grab your cat’s attention and trigger their natural hunting instincts. The sounds vary based on the color of the ball, with blue being the frog sound, yellow being the cricket sound, and pink being the bird sound.
  • Smart Tap Trigger: Equipped with a high-sensitivity sounder, our smart interactive ball toy for cat makes a sound with just a slight touch from your cat’s paw. This not only keeps them engaged but also provides them with mental stimulation and exercise.
  • Catnip Can Be Added: Want to make playtime even more exciting for your cat? Simply open the lid and add some catnip to the ball. This will not only make your cat happy and excited but also encourage them to exercise and stay healthy.


  • Material: EVA/WOOL
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Color: Pink/Bird Sound, Blue/Frog Sound, Yellow/Cricket Sound

How it works:

1. Choose your desired color ball (blue, yellow, or pink) and open the lid.

2. Add some catnip inside the ball (optional).

3. Place the ball on the floor and watch as your cat becomes curious and starts playing with it.

4. The ball will make a sound when touched by your cat’s paw, keeping them engaged and active.


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