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Shower Foot Cleaner | Foot Scrubbers For The Shower

Keeping your hands and feet clean shows that you care for yourself and your body. Many people might judge you by your hands and feet; therefore, it is essential to keep them clean and tidy all the time. The shower foot cleaner is the perfect thing you need to add to your shower routine.

These shower slippers for foot cleaning are fun and can work nicely. It removes all the dead skin, helps to reduce the tan on your skin, and makes your feet glowing and clean. Whether you have calluses, cracked heels, or dry skin, this is a perfect solution for everything.

Benefits of Shower Foot Cleaner:

  • Multi-Purpose: This Foot Cleaner for Shower is not only used for cleaning your feet, but it can be used for hanging your loofa and other things as well. This is an innovative way to keep your bathroom clean and organized.
  • Soft Bristles: It has soft bristles that will help to remove all the dead skin from your feet. The bristles are very gentle and make your skin very smooth. They don’t hurt your skin and will not cause irritation.
  • Hollow Design: This has small holes and a hollow design. This means it will allow the water to drain quickly and won’t cause a water mess in your bathroom.
  • Suction Cup Bottom: You can easily hold this shower foot cleaner on your wall using the suction cups at the bottom. They are powerful and will stay on the wall for a long time.


  • PP, PVC, and sandstone material
  • 5 x 5.31 x 4.32inch ( 12.7* 13.4*11 cm)
  • 35oz or 265 grams
  • Blue color


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