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Sheet Corner Holders

Everyone loves perfectly made beds with fitted sheets that don’t go anywhere. Will these bed sheet corner holders be a perfect tool to fulfill this wish?

Now, use this convenient gadget and enjoy the perfectly fitted sheets daily, nonstop.

Benefits Of Bed Sheet Corner Holders

Premium Content: These fitted sheet clips are rigid, distortion-free ABS plastic that firmly holds your bed sheets in place.

Antiskid: These snap-on sheet clips will lock the sheets firmly and won’t let go easy. keeping your mattress from slipping and stopping your sheet from shifting.

Simple to install: These non-slip sheet clips are easy to use. Place them below the mattress, press the button up to the upper hole, and secure it.

Simple to remove: When not in use, these clips are extremely simple to take out. You just put them on the ground.

Numerous Applications: The bed sheet corner holders come in two lengths, short and long, to accommodate mattresses of various sizes, including twin, full, full XL, queen, and king.


  • Product material: ABS
  • Product size: long 0.4×0.1×0.7 inch (10×2.5×17.5cm)Approx.
  • Short 0.4×0.1×0.37 Inch (10×2.5x 9.5cm) Approx.


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