Seed Starter Trays With Grow Lights

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Seed Starter Trays With Grow Lights


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  • Comes with complete seedling set and a full spectrum LED grow light.
  • The plant growth lights optimize plant growth and yield.
  • Seedling Tray included for convenient indoor growth.
  • Regulator adjusts humidity and temperature for different growth stages.
  • Full spectrum LED grow light for optimal seedling growth.
  • Transparent material and plant label aid observation and tracking.
  • Faster growth, suitable for a wide range of plants including hydroponics.
  • Material: PET.
  • Color: Green.
  • Size: Tray: 7×5.5inch (17.5x14cm) Approx.

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Are you looking for an easy way to start your own garden? Look no further than the Seed Starter Trays With Grow Lights!

This product comes with a Seedling Tray and a full spectrum LED grow light, making it perfect for growing seedlings indoors. Moreover, with this product, you can enjoy the benefits of having your own garden without any of the hassle.

Benefits of the Seed Starter Trays With Grow Lights:

  • The use of plant growth lights allows for the artificial control of light quality, intensity, also cycle, creating an optimal growing environment that can enhance the quality of plants and increase their yield.
  • Furthermore, the Seed Starter Trays comes with a Seedling Tray for easy and convenient growth of seedlings indoors.
  • Easily adjust humidity also temperature with regulator for different growth stages.
  • Also, features a full spectrum LED grow light for optimal growth of seedlings.
  • The transparent material of seed starter trays allows for easy observation of seed germination also growth, while the attached plant label enables growth tracking.
  • Additionally, seedling starter trays are constructed from high-quality PET material, which is eco-friendly, sturdy, durable, and won’t hinder seed growth.
  • The Seed Starter Trays With Grow Lights comes with a wireless dimmer for easy control of the grow light.
  • The indoor greenhouse kit with grow light promotes faster growth also is suitable for a wide range of plants, including hydroponic use, with ample space and nutrient access for seedlings.


  • Material: PET.
  • Color: Green.
  • Package: 1Pcs Normal, 5Pcs Normal, 5Pcs with Control.
  • Size: Tray: 6.9×5.5inch (17.5x14cm) Approx.
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    by Richard (verified owner)

    Best service from US America we love it

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    by Mason (verified owner)

    5 starts for you guys my family loves it

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    by Sandra (verified owner)

    very good! I love it! I recommend it 100%

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    by Sharon (verified owner)

    This is awesome

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    by Susan (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and good price and quality , one of the best

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