Scrunchsac Makeup Bag

Scrunchsac Makeup Bag

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  • Classic Black
  • Vibrant Flamingo
  • Pink And White
  • Sky Feather
  • Blue Ash
  • Summer Flowers
  • Vintage Rose
  • Navy Blue
  • Lipstick
  • Golden Years
  • Rainbow Horse

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Getting ready in the morning may be a stressful and time-consuming process if there is a lot of makeup to deal with. Our scrunchsac makeup bag makes it easy to transport your cosmetics.

  • To store or transport your belongings, simply pull the drawstring rope to seal the scrunch sac.
  • Place the bag in your overnight bag or suitcase.
  • Conveniently, the scrunchsac makeup bag may be taken anywhere.
  • A practical and simple four-in-one solution for maintaining a clean surface, removing waste quickly, transporting and storing items.


  • Look at all of your makeup in one go.
  • Scrunchsac takes only a few seconds to tidy up.
  • Traditional black hole make-up bags are a thing of the past.
  • The raised lip on this cosmetics stand prevents brushes and other cosmetics from falling off.
  • Our scrunch makeup bag is machine washable & waterproof. Broken eyeshadow? Spilled foundation? No problem!
  • Turn your bag into a clutch by pulling the drawstring tight.
  • New and high-quality scrunch cosmetic bag is 100% brand new.

EVERY LITTLE THING: The bag that can keep up with you! Your essentials are easy to get to and the bag quickly opens and closes with a drawstring. Scrunchsac cosmetic bag was made with new ideas to make it last.


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