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Screwless Ultra Light Folding Glasses

We’re tired of heavy glasses, so we created Screwless Ultra Light Folding Glasses. These lightweight glasses do away with any need for screws or hinges, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking.

They’re comfortable and lightweight, and with a special nose pad design, they won’t give you headaches. What more could you want?

Benefits of using Screwless Ultra Light Folding Glasses

  • Materials with High Strength yet Low Weight: The metal with the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Our glasses barely weigh 17.4 grammes, so this is another benefit. Hours can pass while you wear them without noticing.
  • Zoom With Intelligent Reading Mirror: Moving the line of sight from top to bottom allows you to observe the progressive lenses far and close and various visual zones. It also eliminates picture skipping and has no noticeable dividing line between the focal points. Things in the centre are at various distances.
  • For those with presbyopia issues: anti-blue light progressive multifocal glasses are a sensible and useful option, especially when reading books, and newspapers, watching TV, playing games, travelling, gathering, and fishing.


  • Metal is used for the frame.
  • Size of the product: 13.4*3.5cm (5.27*1.37 inch)
  • Weight of the package: 17g


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