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Ring Size Adjuster Spiral Tightener

Are you looking for a way to adjust your ring size without having to go to a jeweler? Look no further than the Ring Size Adjuster Spiral Tightener!

This simple and effective tool Helps you easily adjust the size of your ring with just a few simple steps. Also this handy tool is made of durable rubber. Moreover it is designed to easily and quickly adjust your ring size without any hassle.

Benefits of the ring size adjuster spiral tightener :

  • Simply slide the ring size adjuster onto the ring and turn the spiral tightener to adjust the size.
  • Fits all sizes of rings as a result you can use it to make them smaller or larger.
  • The spiral design of the adjuster provides a strong grip, also it ensures the ring size stays adjusted.
  • Designed to help you adjust your ring size with ease and comfort.
  • High-quality rubber that is designed to last.

Specifications :

  • Material: Rubber.
  • Color: Transparent.
  • Size: length 4inches (10cm) Approx.
  • Package: lot of 4pcs.


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