Rice Storage Dispenser

Rice Storage Dispenser

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  • Wall mounted to free more space
  • Best dispenser for rice and dry material
  • Three-in-one dispenser
  • Insects proof
  • Innovative press mechanism
  • Doesn’t let the contents mix
  • Contains movable partition function

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Storing dry food in containers is always messy. It consumes a lot of time, and you end up giving it a “non-organized” look. Therefore, switch to this rice storage dispenser. It has three compartments to hold three various dry foods. Plus, the best part is that each compartment has a capacity of 2 liters.

It keeps your food fresh and last longing. You’ll love how no insects will come your food’s way because of the insect-proof inner box of the rice storage dispenser. Whether rice or chickpeas, you can efficiently store anything in this dispenser.

Benefits of Rice storage dispenser

  • Wall-mounted functionality: You can save a lot of space due to its wall-mounted functionality.
  • Insect proof: There is an insect-proof inner container in the rice dispenser, where you can keep food like garlic to keep out the insects.
  • Dust and Moisture-proof design: The rice dispenser contains an air-tight sealing cover design that keeps your dry food clean and fresh.
  • Innovative press mechanism: You’ll love how you’ll be able to control the quantity of grains through the press mechanism. This way, you only pour out a sufficient amount of grains.
  • Versatile: It is not only a rice storage dispenser but also can efficiently store other dry foods like chickpeas, pulses, etc.


  • Transparent body
  • Size : (34x31x16 cm) 13 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Capacity : 6 L
  • PP material
  • Blue and orange color
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