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Rice Bar Shampoo

Are you fed up with your dull, dry, and frizzy hair? Then instantly get this Rice bar shampoo to get a revolutionizing change in the health of your hair. Everybody knows about the effectiveness of rice for hair, and so does this rice bar.

This rice bar shampoo contains all herbal ingredients. It gives a healthy shine and gorgeous volume to your hair. Moreover, it reduces hair fall and maintains its natural oils. Get this Rice bar shampoo now and start playing with your long beautiful hair, wherever you go.

Key Benefits of Rice Bar Shampoo

  • This Pure and natural rice shampoo have rice extracts that are wonderful for hair.
  • Easy to rub and lather in the hair while reducing the wastage of shampoo.
  • Cure your dull and damaged hair and make them strong and shiny.
  • There is no use of toxic chemicals. So, it doesn’t give any harm to your hair.
  • Perfect for all types and textures of hair.
  • Doesn’t easily melt down in the water.

Key Features

  • Our rice shampoo contains rice extracts and pure herbal ingredients.
  • Size: 3.15 * 2.9* 2.9 inches(approx.)
  • Specially made to cure all kinds of hair problems.
  • No added colors or harmful chemicals


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