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Retractable Fountain Pen

Do you need a reliable and stylish writing instrument for your office? Look no further than the Retractable Fountain Pen!

This sleek and modern fountain pen is designed with a convenient retractable nib, making it easy to use and store. With its high quality Iraurita nib material, the Retractable Fountain Pen is perfect for writing at home, in the office, or on the go.

Benefits of the Retractable Fountain Pen:

  • The pressable Retractable Fountain Pen feature of this 2023 New Retractable Fountain Pen allows you to press to retract the nib, protecting it from breaking and extending the life of the pen.
  • The Super Soft Non-slip Grip provides a comfortable and secure grip while writing. The press type refillable ink ensures smooth ink flow without any stuck ink, providing you with the best writing experience.
  • With a 0.38mm nib, this ink pen provides smooth and long-lasting writing with a fast-drying refillable ink that is not easy to cause stains and is not prone to bleed. The Iridium gold material used for the nib makes it more durable and less likely to scratch the paper when writing.
  • The Replaceable Ink Sac feature makes it easy to refill the ink. Simply press the ink sac into the pen until you hear a click, and you’re ready to write again. This sturdy nib and excellent grip guarantee a comfortable writing experience, without the worry of breaking the nib.
  • This retractable fountain pen is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a good writing instrument. It’s suitable for daily writing and can be given to family, friends, students, teachers, and other writing enthusiasts.


  • Material: ABS.
  • Size: 5.71inch (14.5cm) Approx.
  • Writing Point: 0.015in (0.38mm).
  • Color: Green,┬áBlack, Red, Blue, Pink.


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