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Remote Control Flying Shark | Remote Control Fish | Air Shark and Clownfish

Do you want a remote control flying shark that you can use to play fly fishing? With this Remote Control Flying Shark, you can have a remote control flying shark that is a lot of fun. It is a great gift for those who love sharks and the ocean.

The Remote Control Shark Fish is made of high quality materials and is very durable. It is also very easy to use. The Air Shark and Clownfish is a great toy for kids and adults alike. It is a great way to have fun and be entertained. The product is also very affordable.

Benefits of the Remote Control Flying Shark :

  • Indoor family enjoyment with a wonderful remote controlled floating shark / clownfish. Up to 40 feet away, moves up, down, and full 360 degrees.
  • It’s made of tough nylon and just bounces off walls and other objects it comes into contact with.
  • Great for office parties, family get-togethers, and children’s indoor celebrations.
  • The two styles available are remote control flying shark and clownfish.
  • Each Air Swimmer is made of ultra-durable nylon, which allows it to float for weeks at a time. Filling, emptying, and re-filling is a breeze thanks to the one-way valve.
  • A simple infrared remote with only two buttons (left/right and climb/dive) simplifies operation for children aged 8 and up.
  • This remote control fish is also a fantastic gift idea!


  • remote control fish Dimensions: 152x60x100cm/59x23x39in
  • Weight: 424g/14.96oz
  • 3 AAA batteries (not included) power the remote control, while 1 AAA battery powers the toy ( not included )

The package includes

  • 1 x remote control fish (Choose your model : air shark or clownfish)
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Accessory Bag


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