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Reflective Light Bulb Magnet Decorations

Some people go all aboard with the festive spirit and decorate their belonging to their fullest desires. If you are one of them, then the reflective light bulb magnet decorations are perfect for investing in this festive season.

Incorporated on the car’s outer body, these magnetic lights illuminate at the touch of the sun or when the headlights hit them. Hence, every time you are out, your car will be glowing with Christmas spirits during the season.

Benefits of Reflective Light Bulb Magnet Decorations

  • They are easy to install: The best part about the reflective light bulb magnet decorations is how easy to install and remove they are. So, once Christmas is near, you can quickly put it on, and when the season is over, you won’t have to go through much hassle of removing them.
  • They are honeycomb reflective: The honeycomb reflective quality of these bulbs is one primary reason it is safe to use on cars. The reflective technology will give these reflective light bulb magnet decorations night visibilities and ensure safety.
  • It offers a wide usage: Apart from decorating your car, these light bulbs are the perfect incorporation to decorate any metal surface you want.
  • Withstand all weathers: The magnets through which these bulb sticks are capable of withstanding all weather conditions. So, no matter what the environment outside is, your bulbs will stay intact.
  • Rich, vibrant colors: Each bulb glows with a rich but different vibrant color, giving it a great outlook.


  • Material: Magnetic and honeycomb reflective bulbs
  • Size of bulb magnet: 3.94 x 1.96 inches (10×5 cm)
  • Size of linear magnet: 7.87 inches (20 cm)
  • It gives an ethereal outlook to your car during the festive season.


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