Ranch Fly Trap The Fly Hunter – Giant Hanging Bag Trap – Effortless...

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Ranch Fly Trap The Fly Hunter – Giant Hanging Bag Trap – Effortless...


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  • Ranch Fly Trap Bag: Easy setup, just add water!
  • Catch flies like crazy, protect your loved ones.
  • No putrid smell, no suffering.
  • Safe for your animals, effective against flies.
  • Built to last, no constant replacements.
  • Material: PVC.
  • ٍSize: 8.43*7.79inch (21.4*19.8cm) Approx.

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Are you looking for an effective way to get rid of pesky flies? Look no further than the Ranch Fly Trap, The Fly Hunter Bag, Giant Hanging Bag Trap!

This high-quality PVC trap uses scientifically designed molded plastic entrance structures to prevent escape and is UV resistant, waterproof and odorless. It is safe to use on plants and requires no chemicals!

Plus, it’s easy to use – simply cut along the top, pull out the top hole, irrigate the bears under the Hanbu, and appoint it in places where the empty test line is often haunted. Get rid of those pesky flies also reclaim your outdoor space with The Fly Hunter Bag, Giant Hanging Bag Trap!

Benefits of the Ranch Fly Trap The Fly Hunter:

  • Easy to Use: The Ranch Fly Trap, The Fly Hunter Bag, and the Giant Hanging Bag Trap are simple to set up. They come with bait also require just water. No complex instructions or time-consuming setup.
  • No Putrid Smell: Unlike other fly traps, our traps don’t emit awful odors. We’ve minimized the nasty smell to ensure your family also animals don’t suffer.
  • Safe for Animals: Our traps use safe also effective ingredients that only attract flies, posing no harm to your animals. You can trust that they’ll be protected.
  • Built to Last: Unlike most fly traps, our traps are designed for durability. They withstand outdoor conditions, saving you from frequent replacements.
  • Highly Effective: Our traps catch flies like crazy, safeguarding you, your family, also your animals from these pests. They reduce fly populations and minimize the risk of diseases, creating a healthier also more comfortable environment.


  • Material: PVC.
  • ٍSize: 8.43*7.79inch (21.4*19.8cm) Approx.
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    by Mateo (verified owner)

    Like it I got 2 for me and my friend

  2. 05

    by Susan (verified owner)

    I got my order and I\’m happy with it

  3. 05

    by Dorothy (verified owner)

    everyone here likes it, we will order more

  4. 05

    by Mateo (verified owner)

    Wonderful!!! 5 starts !!!! Recommend!!!

  5. 05

    by Alexis (verified owner)

    This is not our first order from US America and we are happy each time

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