PuriMe Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Foot Soak

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PuriMe Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Foot Soak


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  • The components are safflower, wormwood, ginger, and motherwort.
  • It cures physical pain, bloating, insomnia, and even constipation.
  • Available in 3 package : 10 PCs / 20 Pcs / 50 Pcs.
  • 2.5 oz / 70g is a net content per Pc.

This handy and remarkable lymphatic drainage ginger foot soak will burn the accumulated fat in your legs, making them more beautiful and appealing. Moreover, You can show off your lovely legs by wearing stockings and skirts. Don’t be afraid; it is coming to save you from hiding your legs and feeling bloated.

Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Or is your energy being depleted by insomnia, and you wake up lethargic in the morning? This is explicitly designed for you. This foot soak patch has a calming effect.

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Foot Soak

  • Sexy Legs: This is your best buddy if you desire slim, lovely legs with less effort and in less time. In addition, this will enhance blood circulation in your lower legs, empty the lymph causing the bloating, and provide a fat-burning impact.
  • Soothing Effect: Lymphatic drainage ginger foot soak is the best way to reduce tension hence, Immerse your feet in it to discharge all worries and soothe your mind.
  • Treat Insomnia: You can cure insomnia by soaking your feet in this excellent foot patch. These foot patches are ideal for persons who suffer from sleeplessness. Therefore, It allows people to sleep more comfortably and feel more rejuvenated.


  • Ginger Patch Leg Slimming
  • Available in 3 package : 10 PCs / 20 Pcs / 50 Pcs
  • 2.5 oz-70g is a net content per Pcs
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  1. 05

    by Ryder (verified owner)

     I highly recommend. quality is good

  2. 05

    by Julian (verified owner)

    Nice Nice I recommend

  3. 05

    by Riley (verified owner)

    This is not our first order from US America and we are happy each time

  4. 05

    by David (verified owner)

    All is good , thanks

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    by Ruth (verified owner)

    The product was perfect for me, highly recommended