Professional Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener – Where Magic Meets Reality...

Professional Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener – Where Magic Meets Reality...

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 No longer worry about dry, frizzy hair with the traditional hair straightener.

 Steam Technology will protect your hair and make your hair shiny.

 Get The Hair You Deserve, Quickly, Anytime, Anywhere! 

Introducing you to our Professional Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener. Perfect for home use but works so well even salons are using it! Impress your family and friends or just use it for last-minute emergencies.

Our hair straightener will not disappoint you as everybody is saying “It Really Works!”. This product has turned skeptics into believers! 

  • Glide: It glides through your hair without snagging or pulling.
  • Long-Lasting Result: Within 10-15 minutes, it will give you straight hair that will last many days until you wash it.
  • Consistent Heat: It does not lose heat during styling.
  • Lightweight: Easy to hold. It won’t hurt your wrist.
  • Fast Heat-Up: Ready to use in less than 30 seconds.
  • Forget about chemical straighteners: They can cause you serious health problems!
  • Safe to Use: Its plate is coated with tourmaline ceramic. Don’t be scared by the terms, all this means is that your hair will be protected from damage usually caused by the heat.
  • Results can be seen fast: Creates silky and shiny hair instantly. Reduces frizz and static electricity.
  • Can also be used with wet hair: It only releases steam when used with wet hair. This way it heats hair faster and more safely than typical hair straighteners or flat irons.
  • Saves you money: You’ve come a long way to realize hair salons are good but they can be expensive and they don’t bring the commodity of styling your hair from home.

Tourmaline is a precious gemstone crystal, often referred to as the electric stone.

Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions, which close and smooth the hair cuticle, and far-infrared heat, which penetrates the hair from within, resulting in faster styling with no hair damage. 

Hair Straightener it’s not so small BUT it’s lightweight (half a pound more or less) and easy to use.

The plates on this hair straightener are tourmaline ceramic coated and that just means you have the perfect combination of materials that ultimately create the straightened, shiny and silky hair that you are craving for. 

You want a hair straightener that produces great results quickly and at the same time, it’s safe for your hair. This product is the one you need!

There are other flat irons in the market that don’t use ceramic tourmaline coated plates and will cause damage to your hair and there are others that use the same tourmaline coating but are VERY expensive. Our product is safe for your hair while making it available to you at an accessible price point! Our first and foremost mission is to help you look your best!

Around 71% of women list frizzy hair as their biggest hair concern. Our product reduces static frizz due to the fact that it produces negative ions thanks to its tourmaline coated plates. Use our product to straighten your hair. Do it yourself, do it from home, and have some fun! 



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Yes It Is True

Not what I expect it to do it, but they are the best straighteners I have ever owned. Didn’t use any extra products. Clean Hair and these straighteners.

~Jenifer O.~

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best for those with frizzy hair

Doesn’t make my hair frizzy. Actually happy I bought this because funds were tight but it is definitely worth it.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The best flat iron

After doing a little research and making sure I was purchasing the exact same item as shown on FB & Instagram, I decided to take it to the test. My hair is curly by nature and I love having my hair most of the time straight. I normally take about 1 1/2 hour between blow drying it and using a flat iron. Using this baby has cut my time to approximately 20-25 mins and that because am doing it myself and am passing the flat iron more than once to make sure the hair is completely straight. The best thing, you don’t need to have your hair wet to use this flat iron. It cuts 3/4 of the time and the ends of my hair do not look burned. My hair is soft, shiny, and done in less than 30 mins, I love it. The length of my hair is a little below my shoulders. I like that the temperature can be adjusted from inside the flat iron and it doesn’t interfere when you grab the flat iron, it heats pretty quickly and the length of the cord is good – so you have plenty cord to move around. Good price. The only tip I can share, before you use it, put in your hair a glossy aloe oil for when you flat iron it. Truly recommend the product.

~Olivia Rivera~

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