Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film


  • Silver
  • Black
  • 16x40" (40x100cm)
  • 20x79" (50x200cm)
  • 20x197" (50x500cm)

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  • Enjoy privacy and keep prying eyes out of your space.
  • Stay comfortable all year round with temperature regulation.
  • You can combine and cut the films to fit your window or door size.
  • Say goodbye to annoying glares with our anti-glare film.
  • Easy installation with step-by-step guide.
  • Customizable for larger glass sizes.

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re living in a fishbowl? Do you want to enjoy your space without worrying about prying eyes? Introducing our Privacy Window Film – the perfect solution for all your privacy needs.

Benefits of the Privacy Window Film :

  • Privacy Protection: Our advanced film technology ensures that your space remains your own. Say goodbye to prying eyes and enjoy the privacy you deserve.
  • Temperature Control: With our film, you can experience year-round comfort. It helps regulate temperatures, keeping your space cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • UV Blocking: Shield your interior from harmful UV rays. Our film offers robust UV protection, safeguarding your furnishings and keeping your space cool.
  • Anti-Glare: Tired of annoying glares on screens and surfaces? Our film reduces glare, providing you with a clear and comfortable environment.


  • Advanced film technology for maximum privacy
  • Temperature regulating properties for year-round comfort
  • Strong UV protection for furniture and a cooler space
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