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Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock

Are you looking for a unique way to wake up in the morning? Look no further than the Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock!

This one-of-a-kind alarm clock is designed to be placed on your bedroom floor and requires you to step on it in order to turn it off.

Benefits of the Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock:

  • Punctuality Reinforced: Bid farewell to tardiness forever! The Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock ensures you never oversleep again. It only ceases playing the melodious tunes once you firmly step on it for a minimum of five seconds, ensuring you are wide awake and ready to seize the day.
  • Time at Your Fingertips: Experience convenience like never before. This unique alarm clock allows you to effortlessly check the time by simply touching the carpet’s surface. Stay informed about the hours and minutes, all with a gentle touch.
  • Personalized Alarm Sounds: Say goodbye to monotonous beeps and welcome the sounds that resonate with you. Seamlessly connect the Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock to your PC via USB and effortlessly download your desired alarm sounds. Choose from an array of melodies, tunes, or even your favorite songs to wake you up with a smile.
  • Stability and Comfort Combined: Safety and comfort are paramount. With an anti-slip base, the Pressure Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock remains firmly in place, even on smooth surfaces, preventing accidental slips or falls. Moreover, its soft memory foam and plush surface provide a soothing and comfortable experience every time you step on it.
  • Wake Up Energized: Begin your mornings with a gentle touch of luxury. The soft surface of the Carpet enhances your waking experience, ensuring that your feet are met with a cozy, welcoming sensation. Say goodbye to harsh awakenings and hello to a softer start to your day.


  • Material: Flannelette, Memory Foam.
  • Size: 16.11*14.74inch (41*37.5cm) Approx.

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