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Pot Smoking Pot Planter Ripping a Bong

Are you looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member? Look no further than the Pot Smoking Pot planter ripping a bong!
This eye-catching planter is sure to brighten up any space and bring a smile to any face.

Benefits of the Pot Smoking Pot Planter Ripping a Bong:

  • Cartoon Charm: Add humor to your green space with our smoking man cartoon pot. It’s tough, vibrant, and a perfect fit for plant lovers.
  • Ample Space: Need room for plants and more? This pot offers both. Organize with flair and color.
  • Cozy Outdoors: Elevate gatherings with cheerful cartoon pots that light up gardens, patios, and backyards.
  • Resilient Craft: Premium resin makes this pot adorable yet durable, perfect for nurturing plants.
  • Versatile Style: Turn ordinary spaces into colorful displays with these lively plant pots.
  • Garden Giggles: Spark smiles with our comical smoking man succulent pot, a hub of horticultural happiness.
  • Quirky Flair: Transform plants with the pot’s playful cartoon charm.
  • Eye-Catching: Start conversations with this unique home or office d├ęcor.
  • Joyful Gift: Spread happiness with this amusing present for plant and humor enthusiasts.
  • Lasting Laughter: Durable design ensures years of laughter lines on this planter.


  • Material: Resin.
  • Color: White, Green, Purple, Blue.
  • Size : 2.4*2.4in (6*6cm) / 3.9*3.9in (10*10cm) Approx.


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