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Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle Refillable Travel Perfume Small Spray...

Do you wish you could always leave the house with your favorite perfume on? You won’t need to use our portable mini refillable perfume bottle!

A refillable travel perfume spray bottle fills in a matter of seconds from your perfume bottle, allowing you to toss it in your bag, luggage, or backpack.

Benefits of portable mini refillable perfume bottle

  • The little and lightweight, compact perfume spray bottle allows you to always carry around a pleasant smell with you.
  • These¬†are a terrific tool to keep you smelling fresh and give you confidence when you go to a party, vacation, or business.
  • A tiny atomizer aperture for finer fragrance spray and less perfume waste
  • Lipstick-sized, compact, and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or purse
  • This portable mini refillable perfume bottle is¬†Reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly design
  • Made of high-quality aluminum that is strong and lightweight
  • Easy to use, convenient to carry, and appropriate for parties, travel, and outdoor activities.


  • Material: metal, ABS
  • available in bright colors
  • Capacity: 0.17oz ( 5ml)
  • height: 3.15 inch /4.2 inch (8 cm/ 10.6 cm) Approx.
  • Width: 0.6 inch/ 0.7 inch (1.65cm /1.75cm) Approx.


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