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Polar Star Wooden Floor Lamp

Lights tend to have a considerable impact on your mood. You might feel lonely and exhausted if your room is dull and dark. You need a product that can light up your room just like you wish to light up your world. That’s precisely what the polar star wooden floor lamp does.

It is inspired by a bohemian theme, which gives it complete artistic lighting. It possesses an aesthetic combination of lights that emit beautifully when reflected using various sizes of mirrors.

Not only can you use this polar star wooden floor lamp to lift your mood, but also a prominent home décor, which can make your room more attractive and have its own finesse.

Benefits Of Polar Star Wooden Floor Lamp

  • Exquisite and artistic home décor: Due to its artistic design, you can utilize this as home décor. The lights can change anyone’s mode in just a few minutes.
  • Charge-free: You can purchase the 3AA battery to use it without charging it from time to time.
  • Compact and portable: It is highly portable because it is plug-free; you can place it anywhere you want.
  • Lights up your entire room: The 3D emission can help this polar star floor lamp to reach out to every corner of the room.


  • Wooden material.
  • Size is 7” x 4.3’’


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