Pocket Hug Heart

Pocket Hug Heart


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  • A perfect gift to make others happy.
  • Fits into your palm of the hand or pocket, and will put a smile on everyone.
  • Comes with a motivating positive message.
  • Family and friends, offer them the warmth of your love day in, day out.

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The Pocket Hug Heart is an adorable, handcrafted accessory that you can use for various purposes. Wear it on your wrist, or tie it with a string to your purse or backpack. Great for all ages.

The benefit of Pocket Hug Heart

  • Warm hug: gift this card to your buddy when they are going through a tough time to cheer them up and keep their faith in life; Encourage them or her to emerge from the trough by giving them a quick embrace and a heartfelt card.
  • Think of gift envelopes and cards decorated with lovely language and rainbow designs to show you care. Hug tokens in the form of hearts and colourful rainbow patterns to convey heartfelt sentiments of love or friendship.
  • Use a brief hug to remind others of your concern, nudge them in the right direction, and warm their hearts.
  • It is difficult to wear out or wear out the heart-shaped metal token, which employs laser engravings to deeply etch the “ Pocket Hug Heart ” just on the surface, and it can be kept for a period, maintaining love by your side.


  • Materials: resin
  • Heart size: 4 x 4 cm (1.57*1.5748 inch)
  • card size: 8.5 x 5.5 cm (3.3*2.16 inch)
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