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50/100 Pcs Plant Support Clips | Clips for Tomato Plants

Are you looking for a cost-effective and durable way to help your plants grow upright? Look no further! Our Plant Support Clips are the perfect solution for you.

The unique hollow-carved design ensures air circulation and enhances plants growth. Plus, the quick opening design makes it easy to fix and release, allowing you to reuse the clips without damaging them.

Benefits of the Plant Support Clips :

  • Cost-Effective & Durable – You only need to spend very little cost to get your plants growing upright. It made of clear PP plastic materials, plant clips can hold stems and seedlings securely to support stakes, great support for beans and plants.
  • Unique Design – Measuring 2.76”(7cm) in length (unfolding) and with a 0.98 inch (25mm) middle diameter (folding). Perfect design hollow-carved design ensures air circulation, enhance plants growth. The plant lattice clip has a quick opening design, so it can be easily moved or reused, and it is easy to fix and release, thereby ensuring that the sling is used repeatedly without being damaged.
  • Easy to Operate – Pressing down on the locking tab. These are so easy to clip and reopen. By using these items, they make plants healthier. They give good support and are very easy to use. Excellent solution for tomato vines. Can be perfectly used for plants grafting, clipping the branch of one plant on another plant to allow them grow as one.
  • Wide Range of Applications – the Clips are great for all plants including fixing tomatoes, sweet peppers, watermelons, and other vegetables and fruits on the hanging line. It can also be used for bunching and fixing of plant stems after seedlings, preventing breakage or bumping.
  • Plant Protector – Protect your delicate flowers and vine plants against the hit from wind and rain.


  • Length: 2.76”(7cm) (unfolding)
  • Diameter: 0.98 inch (25mm) (folding)
  • Material: PP Plastic


1. Place the clip around the stem of the plant and the stake.
2. Push the clip onto the stake and press down on the locking tab.
3. Adjust the clip to secure the plant in place.


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