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Piranha slippers

Are you looking to upgrade your loungewear with a touch of gaming nostalgia? Look no further than Piranha slippers!

Featuring iconic Piranha plant pattern, these slippers are sure to set you apart from the crowd while keeping you fashionable. Also enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience with Marius™ slippers!

Benefits of the Piranha slippers :

  • Stay fashionable: Let Marius™ slippers be your ultimate relaxation companion.
  • They keep you on the cutting edge of style.
  • The iconic Piranha plant pattern is an on-trend element that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Stay fashionable and also enjoy gaming nostalgia with every step you take.
  • With standout style and a touch of gaming nostalgia, these slippers are your ticket to ultimate relaxation and trendiness. Moreover embrace the power of the Piranha plant today!
  • Designed for practicality, they’re easy to slip on. Also say goodbye to ordinary slippers and hello to the experience of high-end indoor wear!
  • Effortless comfort: Enhance your effortless relaxation routine with these Piranha Piranha slippers.

Specifications :

  • Material: Plush.
  • Color: Green, Red.
  • Size: Standard size, one size fits all, 11.8in (30cm) Approx.


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