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Phone Charger Bracelet Portable Charging Bracelet for iPhone, Android, Type...

Have you ever thought of wearing your charger? With a Phone Charger Bracelet, it’s possible! It’s actually a portable charging bracelet for iPhone Android type c and micro USB.

In this tech-savvy world, we can’t survive without our smartphones, and our smartphones can’t survive without their batteries! Calling batteries, the soul of mobile phones, won’t be wrong.

However, to keep your phones charged on the go, you must ensure to carry along your charger.

Benefits of Phone Charger Bracelet

  • The material of this, braided PU leather, is soft to the touch, light textured, wear-resistant, and dirt resistant.
  • You can conveniently wear this smart wrist band charger as a stylish bracelet.
  • phone charger bracelet comes in a beautiful gift bag, a smart gift choice for parents, loved ones, friends, children, and colleagues.


  • Made with high-quality Faux Leather
  • Available colors in leather: black color
  • Has USB A as connector A
  • Available for iPhone LIGHTNING, Type-C, and Micro USB
  • lengths:  8.85 inch (22.5 cm)Approx.
  • phone charger bracelet is Suitable for people with wrist circumference: 6 inch – 7. 2 inch (15.25 cm – 18.28 cm) Approx.


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