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The secret to your hassle-free experience with your best friend. With custom identification on both sides and breathable, sturdy, strong material.
The no-pull harness makes sure you no longer hurt your dog’s neck or cause them general discomfort. 
93% of customers reported that they feel a lot safer walking their dog knowing that they could be identified during an emergency.
Whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how much it has helped them and their dog.


 KEEP YOUR DOG COMFORTABLE & PREVENT INJURY – This harness prevents general discomfort, strangulation, limb or mouth injuries, skin problems & neck damage. The no-pull harness goes around your dog’s body instead of their neck to keep them comfortable & happy. 

 EASY ON, EASY OFF – A hassle-free experience, quickly & conveniently get your dogs harness on & off in a matter of seconds. Simply put the harness over your dogs head & fasten the clip, then they’re ready to go.

 IMPROVE YOUR DOG WALKS – It’s easier & more comfortable for your dog to walk with a harness so they will enjoy their walks much more. It also makes it much easier for you to walk your dog. 

 KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE – The harness keeps your dog locked in safe & secure, so you can easily control them. The reflective front strap & strips also makes your dog visible to keep them safe at night.

 PREVENT YOUR DOG FROM GETTING LOST – You can personalize your dog’s harness with a Name & Phone number, so they can easily be returned to you if they get lost.

  REDUCE RESTRAINT & ANXIETY – The easy-on neck and chest straps are adjustable, so it will not give your dog a sense of restraint and anxiety, as most standard collars do.

SIMPLE & EASY ATTACHMENTS – The stainless steel D-ring makes it easy to attach your leash, rope, or other restraints to your harness.

 PREMIUM QUALITY – Our harnesses are made from high quality, padded material for the most comfortable experience for your dog. Our harness’s fabric is durable & made to resist tearing.

 EASY PICKUP NYLON HANDLE – Each harness has a nylon handle built into the top for easy grab to pick up your pet.

Product Features:

  • PERSONALIZED NAME TAG  – You can personalize your dog’s harness with a Name and Phone number, so they don’t get lost on walks.
  • STAINLESS STEEL D-RING – Use this ring to easily clip on your dog lead to the harness.
  • DURABLE RELEASE BUCKLE – The easy side buckle is made for a no-hassle quick click and away you go.
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL – The breathable material makes it comfortable for the dog to wear and enjoy.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Our harness can be washed in the washing machine, making it easy to clean when you need to.
  • REFLECTIVE STRAP – Our harness has a reflective strap that can easily be seen at night to keep your dog safe.
  • NYLON HANDLE – The handle gives the user better control over your dog when using this harness. It is also useful for training your dog too!

Why Buy This Product?

Controlled Lead Handling

We have optimised our harness to provide you with maximum control while also providing maximum comfort for your dog.

The harnesses’ chest strap is parallel to the leash ring – allowing the pullback you give to be felt by your dog most efficiently and safely. This means that you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort.

The wide chest strap helps distribute the power over the chest for the proper comfort of your pet.

Expert Design No Matter Your Dog’s Size

If you’re buying a harness for a puppy, a fully grown dog, or for a smaller breed, our harness is the smart choice.

The structure of the harness differs between sizes, ensuring the same level of comfort and control is provided no matter how big or small your dog.

Getting The Right Harness Size

well-fitting harness is important for your dog’s safety and comfort. For a full sizing chart and information on how to measure your dog for a correct fit, please see our dog harness measuring guide.

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Perfect Paw Store, we are proud of our products and every one of our dog harnesses is thoroughly tested to ensure they are extremely durable and amazing quality through-out. 


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